Music Event Listings


1st Live At Maida Vale ft Jungle Lion + The Sundowns Maida Vale Free Entry

2nd Sunday Soul Social (Guest DJ) Maida Vale Free Entry

4th Homebound Sound Basement Tickets

4th Indigo: The Indie Disco ft Graces + Slipperface Maida Vale Free Entry

6th Soul Funktion (DJ) Maida Vale Free Entry

7th Mod For It ft Skadiac Arrest + David Dutton Maida Vale Free Entry

8th Live At Maida Vale ft The GTs Maida Vale Free Entry

9th Sunday Soul Social ft Andrew Smith (DJ) Maida Vale Free Entry

11th Indigo: The Indie Disco ft A New Chapter + Brass Antelope
Maida Vale Free Entry

13th Soul Funktion (DJ) Maida Vale Free Entry

14th The Anomaly Arts Club Tickets

14th Mod For It ft The Vinyls Maida Vale Free Entry

15th Sikth Hangar 34 Tickets

15th Live at Maida Vale All-Dayer ft The Who’s + Civic Green + Crossfire Eagles + Sunburned Bliss + Paul Shepherd Maida Vale Free Entry

16th Sunday Soul Social (Guest DJ) Maida Vale Free Entry

17th Draper + Man Without Country Sound Basement Tickets

18th April Towers Sound Basement Tickets

18th Indigo: The Indie Disco ft Scaredycats + Small Town Maida Vale
Free Entry

20th Soul Funktion (DJ) Maida Vale Free Entry

21st Mod For It ft The Rics + David Dutton Maida Vale Free Entry

22nd Harry Miller Sound Basement Tickets

22nd Live At Maida Vale ft The Ska45’s + Sweetness Maida Vale Free Entry

23rd Sunday Soul Social (Guest DJ) Maida Vale Free Entry

25th Indigo: The Indie Disco ft Bedside Manners + Cora Pearl Maida Vale
Free Entry

26th Boston Manor Hangar 34 Tickets

26th Paris Monster Sound Basement Tickets

27th Laurel Sound Basement Tickets

27th Soul Funktion (DJ) Maida Vale Free Entry

28th Mod For It ft The Pinch Maida Vale Free Entry

28th SPINN O2 Academy Tickets

29th Red Rum Club, Jackobins, Life at The Arcade & Columbia O2 Academy Tickets

29th Live At Maida Vale ft The Skabeats + The Grey Skys Maida Vale
Free Entry

30th Rockaoke (Karaoke with a LIVE band) Maida Vale Free Entry


3rd Kylie Echo Arena Tickets

3rd The Magic Gang O2 Academy Tickets

4th Dan Own Leaf Tickets

5th Airways Sound Basement Tickets

5th The Night Cafe O2 Academy Tickets

5th Oddity Road Arts Club Tickets

9th Hollie Cook Hangar 34 Tickets

9th Declan Welsh and The Decadent West Sound Basement Tickets

10th The Britanys Sound Basement Tickets

13th Art School Girlfriend Sound Basement Tickets

14th Mahalia Leaf Bold St Tickets

19th The Sherlocks O2 Academy Tickets

19th Hermitage Green Arts Club Tickets

20th Club Kuru Sound Basement Tickets

21st Dermot Kennedy O2 Academy Tickets

21st Our Girl Sound Basement Tickets

23rd Jeff Lynne’s ELO 2018 Echo Arena Tickets

24th Husky Loops EBGB’s Tickets

27th Father John Misty Liverpool Olympia SOLD OUT

29th The Blinders Buyers Club Tickets


7th All The Luck In The World Studio 2 Tickets

8th BLOXX Sound Basement Tickets

10th Robert Vincent Arts Club Tickets

13th Sheafs Arts Club Tickets

14th King Nun Sound Basement Tickets

23rd Radio City Live Echo Arena Tickets

More Dates To Be Added Soon