Old fashioned vintage bars are hard to come across these days. It’s very rare that we find ourselves sitting in a dim-lit room with men in suits and hats drinking gin and smoking cigars and women in classy gorgeous dresses sipping wine, like something from a 60’s movie. So have you come across any bars like that lately?

Settled right at the top of Bold Street is an American styled bar known as Berry & Rye. The entrance shows nothing but the sight of abandonment, not even a sign to say what the place was called – well, as I took a step in, boy was I bewildered at what I saw. At first I was frightened to go in, besides, who willingly goes in to a place that looks abandoned, terrifying and dark? As I opened the door, I was presented by black curtains, when I had a peek around them I was greeted by a movie-like bar and a very friendly barman, it was like we had stepped in to an actual 60’s black and white movie.

The barman instantly put a smile on our faces as he assisted my friend and I with choosing our drinks. He showed us a range of cocktails that were most popular in the drinking den – the drinks menu was showcased in an antique styled book, a real touch of the old’un days. I’ve always been a sweet and fruity type of drinker, so I went with the strawberry gin fizz cocktail for £7.

The place had a chilled out atmosphere about it, although it was quiet and we could relax to the sounds of jazz and blues coming from the stereo, this was definitely my new favourite hideout bar.

It’s definitely a place you’ll want to visit, but don’t tell too many people about it, this place is a top secret.

Natasha Holmes