Meet the Team


Head honcho....more info soon!

Andy Sunley

When not writing, photographing or trimming his eccentric beard Andy can be seen at gigs whenever finances or work schedule will allow. He half way to eighty years old but yet to develop a taste for Worthers Original, Max Bygraves or telling those under twenty that he remembers all this when it was only fields.

Fran Collis

Having studied English at the University of Liverpool, Fran, like many other students, found the city difficult to leave. In her spare time, Fran loves exploring the unique places to eat dotted around Liverpool, going to various arts and culture events and gigs. She has always loved travelling and the outdoors, and is a keen snowboarder, but if you want to see her really happy just hand her a dog and a cup of tea.

Jamie Lewis

Jamie Lewis is a 27 year old freelance writer, born and raised in Liverpool. When he isn’t catching the latest sci-fi movie or theatre show, he’s cooking for friends. He’s excited about the changes that have been happening within the city in recent years, especially events such as Comic Con and the rise of vegan food.

Steve Kinrade

SK is the head facilitator at the Klee Music label and is passionate about documenting the local music scene as well as Merseyside arts and culture in general. He is a strong advocate for "art for art's sake", and believes in the power of culture to positively transform society.

Tilly Martin

Tilly is a freelance writer based in Manchester who spends a lot of her time on the lookout for the next exciting rock or grunge line-up - bonus points for a female-fronted band. You can find her in the middle of a gig crowd or browsing record shops, happily reminiscing her days of old rock mixtapes.